The creation of an Alumni Association for our school has long been overdue. From time to time, former students have said to me that they would greatly welcome the creation of such a network.

Our Alumni Association will work if you, as former students want it to work. As an association it needs to be ‘demand-led’ while at the same time being supported and facilitated by school staff. Please help to promote your network by forwarding, ‘liking’, tweeting, connecting via Linked-In etc.

Finally, the world of web-based communication is great, but it is no substitute for personal contact. I am always delighted to see former students, so if you are in the area and want to touch-base with your old school you will always be very welcome here. There is a lot of superb talent amongst you which can be of great value to our current students so, from time to time, we may put out a request for your support.

Please click on the button link below to explore further. Membership is free.

Very best wishes for your continued success and happiness,

Kind Regards,

Simon Ascroft