1. Plan ahead.

Effective revision needs planning carefully so that you use your time effectively. Make use of the revision planner which you can download from our web site.

2. Know where you are heading.

This is an obvious point! We don’t start a journey without knowing where we are heading. This is what your Challenge Target Grades are for and you should be working to achieve these.

3. Work without distraction.

Revision is most effective where the environment is conducive to thinking. Distractions like music, having the TV on, having Facebook open etc. get in the way of effective study.

how to revise effectively

how to revise effectively

4. Plan your sessions carefully.

Before you revise, be clear about what you want to achieve, for example: ‘at the end of this hour I will understand……’. Having a clear objective makes the time more productive.

5. Revision requires note-taking.

Revision that only involves reading is least productive. Making notes allows you to assimilate what you are revising and therefore remember it better. When making notes, aim to summarise what you have read and don’t just ‘copy it out’.

6. Mind Map it.

One of the  most effective revision methods involves producing a Mind Map of the topic. Start with the central theme in the centre of a sheet of A3 paper and add branches for each of the key sub-sections. Add the key points for each section to these branches. Use of colour and small illustrations will help you to remember the information you are revising.

7. Use variety.

A mixture of methods makes your revision more effective, for example: use of SAM learning, looking at past papers, mind-mapping etc.

8. Search out past papers.

Go to the exam board websites and download the past papers. Use these by answering questions under timed conditions.

9. Eat and drink well.

We are what we eat! The brain needs proper nutrition. Eating sensibly, drinking plenty of water while revising will help to maximise your effectiveness.

10. Ask for help.

Your teachers will help you with anything you do not understand. Take advantage of all of the revision sessions provided by your teachers.

how to revise effectively