Our LRC is a unique and valuable resource providing a dynamic learning environment with services that support and enhance literacy and learning across school.

During the term the LRC has seen a number of changes, we have managed to stock check nearly 10,000 fiction and non-fiction books during the last couple of weeks, the LRC has produced our student library cards enabling all users to log into the library system 24/7 from wherever they are on their electronic devices by using our innovative click and collect service accessed via our school website www.wirralgrammarboys.com

Once selected our students will have books delivered to their respective bubbles, users are also able to leave reviews for future readers, wish lists have also been supplied in each year group giving students the opportunity to add to our ever growing catalogue, in support of our students and our curriculum, we have also launched ‘The Day’ in it we aim to give you a brief guide to two of the most stimulating debates from the week’s news, with a summary of the different sides that people are taking and some guides to further reading.

We select links to the best of the highest quality journalism available in the world so that, if you’re interested in current affairs, you will always have something to enrich your day, it has always been to set our students on the path to exploring the real world and thinking for themselves, making their own connections between the academic syllabus and the thrilling and challenging arena that awaits them beyond school.

Ms. V Smith LRC


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