The MINDS team are a group of 6th form students who prioritise the mental health and wellbeing of the students at WGSB. As a team, we strive to make WGSB a positive and safe place for all students and enjoy offering friendly and accessible support.

Our aims shape how our team members act and how we work to create a safe and open environment where all students feel comfortable in reaching out for support when they need it. Our work aims to:


  • Spread Awareness
  • Break Stigmas
  • Provide Resources


Every Thursday we run the drop-in session over lunchtime in the Meeting Place where students can pop in to see us and discuss how they’re feeling or to just see a friendly face. We often deliver assemblies where we discuss important issues and topics surrounding mental health and wellbeing.


We meet regularly as a team to explore issues and discuss how to enrich MINDS as a group. We have also engaged in impactful outreach projects with local primary schools to help educate younger students about the importance of wellbeing.


Our pioneering work has contributed to our school being named a Suicide Safer School by the Martin Gallier Project.


Further information about mental health and wellbeing can be found here:  MH and WB @WGSB