The Peer Support Group is a group of sixth form students who are dedicated to ensuring that the school community is enjoyed by everyone. Not only do we help with organisation of events such as the Year 7 Charity Quiz, but the vast majority of our time goes towards mentoring Year 7s and making sure that they are settled and happy in WGSB. We not only do this during the transition, but also through the year, with each Teaching Group having two dedicated PSG reps that they meet regularly. Our PSG make a positive contribution to the safeguarding of pupils at Wirral GSB.

We can help students from all years, with any issues they may have, whether they be related to homework, friendships, bullying issues or personal worries. We are there when a student may feel more comfortable talking to someone of a similar age, who has been through the same things only a few years ago, as opposed to a teacher. We work closely with Mrs Smith (our Learning Mentor) and the Anti-Bullying Committee to ensure that the school community is a safe and enjoyable environment, and strive to make a positive difference to students’ lives