Student Leadership @ WGSB6

Creating opportunities for students to enjoy leadership responsibilities and further their personal development is an integral part of life at WGSB6 

We recognise the enormous value our sixth formers add to our school community as well as our local community, in addition to their contributions to many national and international projects. 

We endeavour to offer a range of opportunities to students wishing to develop their personal skill set, boost their self-confidence and to enjoy experiences that will create memories lasting well beyond WGSB6. 

Without our WGSB6 leaders, we could not provide the array of activities that help to make our school such a unique and successful environment. In our 2022 OFSTED report, inspectors recognised that, “students excel in the many leadership roles they are given. Students in the sixth form play a central role in the life of the school.” We could not agree more! 

Our student leaders become excellent communicators and role models for the rest of the school demonstrating commitment, positivity and accountability every day. 

Opportunities include the PSG team, MINDs team, antibullying team, music society, sports teams, head boy team, the prefect and senior prefect team and the house executive.  We also have opportunities within the whole school council and 6th form council. We are certain that there is a leadership role to suit everyone!   

We offer training through the SSAT Student Leadership qualification, with mentoring provided by students that currently hold leadership positions; all students who take on these roles will be fully supported.  

We like to think that each student leader leaves their own personal legacy to the school as they progress to the next stage of their life; and we hope they take forward happy memories of their time as student leaders. 

A quick look at our social media accounts will demonstrate the varied and positive impact our sixth form leaders are having.   

Visit us follow us on Twitter @WGSBSixthForm and Instagram wgsbsixthform.