Mrs L E Ahern

My relationship with Wirral Boys is deep-rooted and lies at the core of my professional experience. Having taught here for some considerable time, I left Wirral to experience new opportunities in a different educational setting. I was fortunate to be appointed to Head of Sixth with effect from September 2021; returning to the school that has played such a major part of my career continues to challenge and inspire me in equal measure.

I am keen to consolidate the values of WGSB into the essence of our sixth form; our most successful sixth formers represent the ultimate well-rounded young citizen, ready to take his place in the adult world. Our sixth formers represent some of our greatest achievements, and we are continually impressed by their commitment to study alongside their contributions to the wider life of the school. We consider ourselves a progressive sixth form and embrace innovation and diversity; all students should feel that they have a voice and are valued in their own right; we welcome the views and ideas of our students.

Wirral Grammar Sixth Form provides a vibrant, challenging and secure place to study, by this we mean we provide the ideal climate for high academic success: we place high expectations on our students but help to facilitate this by offering specialist teaching and close supervision and support. Whether students intend to go onto a selective university or a high-level apprenticeship, they will find a wide range of academic A Levels and appropriate advice to facilitate their preferred route. In the last few years our school has become the ‘first choice’ for students who recognise the true value of an exciting and challenging Sixth Form education alongside a diverse range of extra-curricular and student leadership opportunities. We also actively welcome applications from external applicants who wish to join us for their sixth form experience; the same eligibility criteria will apply for all applicants.

In the last few years, we have enjoyed some exciting changes and developments to our sixth form facilities and have refurbished several areas of the school to provide contemporary working and social spaces for our students. We have also developed our curriculum provision to offer Wednesday afternoon enrichment opportunities to our entire sixth form; this offers an ever-changing menu of activities including competitive sporting opportunities, work experience placements, community volunteering, mental health outreach projects and a film critique club. We are also very proud of our personal development initiatives, including a fortnightly speakers’ session for both Y12 and Y13 and a weekly mentoring session; together these provide a broad programme to help prepare our students for life beyond WGSB6.

We value all our student as individuals, and we work hard to offer the support each young person requires to fulfil their academic potential and to be a happy and well-adjusted young adult. We encourage WGSB6 students to work hard but also to fully engage in the wider life of the school; we enjoy seeing our students thrive within the sixth form environment and making the most of every opportunity WGSB6 has to offer them.   

Please see our Sixth Form Handbook for full details of our expectations and standards; please ensure this sits well with you before deciding whether WGSB6 is the right place for your post-16 education.

Sixth Form Handbook

Deciding to join our sixth form means that you also appreciate the values of the school community and that you are willing to join the ranks of the many superb role models that have gone before you. I hope you are as excited and committed as I am to making our sixth form one of the very best there is.

Please follow us on Twitter @WGSBSixthForm and Instagram wgsbsixthform to find out more about life in our sixth form.

Mrs L E Ahern
Assistant Headteacher – Head of Sixth Form